Fempower – best Public Affairs in 2015

Fempower, as a part of Dialogi was acknowledged in the MTL (The Finnish Association of Marketing, Technology and Creativity) Communications Awards. Dialogi won the category for best Public Affairs program in 2015.

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The world does not need any more information on why gender equality is important. Instead, we continue to lack effective means for closing the gender gap. Fempower is a movement encouraging concrete actions towards leadership diversity and better female career opportunities.

We’re inviting you to make a commitment to take action. Choose which action to take, share it within your network and challenge others to join the movement!

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encouraging a girl or a woman I know to make bold choices in her career

sparring a young woman to get started in her career

making sure that when I recruit, I choose diverse candidates for the home stretch

considering female experts when looking for e.g. a speaker, commentator or consultant

applying for challenging positions - especially those traditionally held by men

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About Fempower & Dialogi

Fempower is part of the annually recurring public program called Dialogi (Finnish for “dialogue”), which is on a mission to revolutionize the working life.

During the year 2016 Dialogi will continue working with diversity, focusing especially on gender diversity.

Dialogi takes place on three levels: at the companies partaking in the program, between the companies and their potential employees (in co-operation with students), and as an active social and public debate.

Dialogi aims to produce tangible results and thus encourages actions, not words.

In 2015, Dialogi partnered with ten top Finnish companies and numerous academic and public administration partners, such as Aalto Executive Education, Aalto University, the Finnish Business and Policy Forum and Työelämä 2020.

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Dialogi is facilitated by the strategic communications agency Ellun Kanat.

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